Saturday, September 24, 2016

Changes are a foot at Jake's.

All over the past year or so we've been working on lots of new products, a new website, new markets and a host of exciting changes.  First of all we've finally changed our business name from Jake's Barbeque Sauce and Seasonings Company to Jake's Famous Foods, LLC.  This was the most significant change from a professional point of view.  Following that change was the consolidation of all of our labeling into one uniform format.  Gone are the days of our initial block type lettering.  That block lettering has been replaced by smoother curved lines with more of a mainstream appeal.  In addition we added a series of new products from our Memphis BBQ Sauce to our amazingly popular Chipotle Mayo, Sriracha Ketchup, Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Santa Maria Style Dry Rub and immensely popular California Chicken Rub.  Right now we are in the final stages of completion and introduction of a new line of (SFR) Sugar Free Dry Rubs suited to the sensitive and aging markets which may be more apt to be concerned with foods that are healthier and less sugar driven.

In addition to new products we've updated our website from to  This was a major change requiring the conversion of all of the materials outlining our products and all of the marketing tools.  Our old site has been added to the redirect list aimed at  Just recently we completely a responsive update to our site making it more adaptive to cell phone and ipad traffic.  Along with these changes we enlisted a new online campaign through Bing and Google to make our products more publicly aware.  Regarding our business we've added new locations to distribute our products as well as the addition of a new co-packer.  These changes as you may have imagined have taken a considerable amount of time and our blogs have suffered.  We look forward toward providing more support to our blogs and toward making our customers aware of the new and exciting changes within Jake's Famous Foods.

We hope you will join us on our blog as well as our website at  Send any comments our way and we'll assist you any way we can .

Thank you,


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