Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jake's Famous Supreme Taco Sauce

taco sauce from jakes famous bbq sauce
Jake's Famous Supreme Tacos

Jake's Famous Authentic Supreme Taco Sauce has remained a staple in tens of thousands of homes over the last 30 years.  Some families have tacos more often than they have hamburgers or even French Fries.  The beauty of Taco Sauce and Tacos is that you can mix it up with different meats along with hard or soft taco shells and lettuce.  Add your favorite vegetable toppings like tomatoes, avocados, cheese or shredded cabbage plus a little Taco Sauce and everything is right with the world.

Some believe that tacos were originally the result of 18th century mining towns that used slips of paper filled with dynamite forced into the crevices of rocks. These slips were called "tacos" and were wrapped around sticks of gunpowder and dynamite. The folds in the papers similarly represent the shape of tacos and the fillings in some locations can be ultimately classified as dynamite like. The first known written references to tacos are listed in the 19th century. That first reference was called tacos de minero or miners tacos.

Taco Sauce was and continues to be a derivation of salsa. The first salsas being made from tomatoes and lime combined with onions and peppers. Over the years hundreds of versions have been created each primarily supporting the particular region in which it was created. Versions like Tex-Mex, and California, or Sonoran all are particular to the state or region they came from. Each focuses on the tomato or pepper, hot or ancho, habanero or jalapeno and even garlic based tacos. No matter the style taco sauce and tacos are the perfect anytime meal.

Jake's began looking at the taco market about 5 years ago really taking time to understand what drives the desire for Taco Sauce.  We tasted everything from salt-less poor tasting to incredibly spicy barely taste able sauce types.  We traveled to New Mexico and Mexico and different places around the US to get a handle on what might be considered an average or everyone "like" Taco Sauce.  Of course depending on where you live in the US that will pretty much drive the heat level of a Taco Sauce.  We found that in the South Western parts of the US the sauces were hotter while in the Central part of the US the sauces were milder.  One thing that did stand out was how unnatural these sauces were.

So Jake's Famous set out to create a Taco Sauce that was smooth in flavor but natural in ingredients.  We'd heard that High Fructose Corn Syrup used in so many products might actually affect individuals with Autism so we wanted make sure we never ever used that in our blends.  But what we did want to do was step up the taste and make a product that almost anyone could use.  Developing our Supreme Taco Sauce meant we would focus on the right balance of California chilies, cumin, paprika, garlic, and onions along with natural white sugar to complement the taste.  After many months we were able to deliver just as promised and exceptional Supreme Taco Sauce wonderful in taste and balanced in safe ingredients.  This is a wonderful Taco Sauce that we use daily whether on Tacos, chicken, steaks, fish and more.  Allow yourself to experience the taste and freshness of Jake's Famous Supreme Taco Sauce today.

Jake's Famous Supreme Taco Sauce with marinated steak recipe. See our video below:

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