Saturday, August 5, 2017

Snake Method BBQ Ribs by Jake's Famous Foods

For the last few months we've been listening to videos on varying forms of Snake Method cooking.  For those of you who don't know...Snake Method is the trailing form of heat and fire that follow a predetermined line of charcoal.  The charcoal can be in a circular grill or a rectangular one.  The grill type really doesn't matter but what does matter is the fact that coals which have been pre-lit and are ready to go are place adjacent to un-lit coals which in time will become part of the lighted batch.  The heat and fire will follow the line of charcoal slowly moving towards the end of the coals just as if it was a snake moving in slow motion.  Typically, you lay out a row of two base coals followed by one or two coals on top of those coals.  The best part of the process is that it takes a smaller amount of coals to achieve the same heat levels as normal.  Good steady temperatures around 250 to 300 degrees can be achieved using this method.  The most primary element one needs besides the coals is time.  Snake method cooking can take up to 5 or 6 hours depending on if you're smoking ribs or chicken.

So, I created one of my very first videos on Snake Method BBQ Ribs on my Weber grill turning it into a smoker.  Just listen along and follow the steps and have some fun.  Over time I hope to be doing some additional videos and I'm 100% sure my video skills will improve.

Thank you for watching.....Jake

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