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Memphis Barbecue Sauce Takes Center Stage

Memphis bbq sauce
Memphis BBQ Sauce 

Over the last few years Memphis Styled Barbecue Sauces have reached new heights. Our Memphis Barbecue Sauce for baby back ribs is the culmination of many months of travel and constant focus.   Living in California we knew that it was difficult to get a traditional Memphis barbecue sauce in our state.  So, after weeks of planning we set out to create a true Memphis inspired Barbecue Sauce.  We traveled, stop and talked with the brothers in the professional trade and along the we learned what truly makes a Memphis Barbecue Sauce great.  Memphis barbecue sauces are great not so much for their ingredients but for their single minded focus on creating a truly great experience for their customers.  We can all get just about the same ingredients but what we can't all get is the secret bits and pieces that the most inspired creators have come up with.  Well folks we are here to tell you that we have cracked the code.  Through our association with Memphis pitmasters and sauce creators we have confirmed what is the traditional Memphis BBQ Sauce for sale for baby back ribs.  While we'll keep the secret ingredients to ourselves what we will do is offer the best, authentic, inspired Memphis Style Barbecue Sauce for baby back ribs West of Colorado.  Although you may not be able to go to Memphis In May each year you can have our outstanding, inspired, traditional Memphis Style Barbecue Sauce.  The barbecue sauce is sweet and tart with subtle hints of celery seed, garlic, mustard, molasses and more. When you pair it with baby back ribs you get hints of Old Memphis combined with sparks of pepper and touches of molasses.

Memphis is known for the great notables who lived and traveled through its great land.  And while they focused on music and perspectives close to each of them there was always one prime  Memphis BBQ has a long and storied history that dates way back to the 1800s with its keen eye focus on driving the Southern style of living and lifestyle forward through it culture and its people.  Our Memphis BBQ Sauce captures the essence of true Memphis BBQ Sauce.  A sauce that is a hint spicy, a hint sweet and of course a great deal flavorful.  Pour our Memphis on Brisket or Pulled Pork or lather it on BBQ Ribs and chicken.  This is a sauce that marinates and reaches deep down into the meat to deliver flavor and taste.  Put just a bit on sandwiches or burgers.  Add it to chili or just plain hold it over for dips.  Keep it on the table for the all to enjoy.

We've experimented in many different ways with this wonderful Memphis Barbecue Sauce. We found that the sauce is excellent on ribs and really stays on the meat working to get deep down into the muscle fibers. The Memphis barbecue sauce never disappoints and always delivers rich smooth flavor to every item we've ever tried. A few weeks ago we decided to give sweet potato fries a try. We used the double fry method. But before we get into the double fry method, our friends practically swear by the standard fry method. That method involves slicing the Sweet potatoes into thin long slices. They hand wash the slices then place them in a large bowl to which they add cold water. The fries are allowed to rest in the water for about 30 minutes. Following the cold water bath they dry the fries completely on paper towels. The fries are then placed on a cooking sheet and baked in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Once done the fries are removed and oil is then allowed to reach a temperature of 350 degrees to which the fries are then placed. The fries are then cooked for about 6 minutes due to their softness after coming out of the oven. Once out of the fryer the fries are allowed to drain for about 2 minutes then they go directly to the Memphis Barbecue sauce. They actually reserve half of the fries coating them in the Santa Barbara Smoked Rub then join those with the other half for the barbecue sauce. They enjoy the somewhat cleaner cooking process although they still use the oil to finish the fries. I found the fries to be very crispy but still prefer my double fry method.

In the Double Fry method First we slice the sweet potatoes then we wash them thoroughly. We put the sweet potato slices into a water bath and placed them into our fridge for about 5 hours. The water helped stabilize the fries and remove any starchiness that might remain if not cooked properly. Second we used about 1-1/2 quarts of clean cooking oil. We used vegetable although many have said that peanut oil is cleaner and delivers a better flavor to the fries. We brought the oil up to 360 degrees making sure to have a lot of air movement to draw off any smoke so we turned our fans up to high and opened out doors. We also drained the fries while the oil was warming. You can do this by placing a couple of paper towels in the bottom of a large bowl. When you think you've removed most of the water by hand wringing simply toss the fries into the bowl on top of the paper towels. Shake the bowl from side to side which allow them to turn and dry within the container. Now with the washing done and the oil ready we moved to step three.

Step three we slow place the dried sweet potato slices into the hot oil and allow them to fry for about 4 minutes. After 4 minutes we remove the fries and place them on a rack so that excess oil will drip off. We them allow the oil to rise back up to temperature. This time we will allow the oil to rise to 400 degrees. Once the temperature is reached we take the fries and place them back into the oil. We cook the fries and additional 6 - 8 minutes. This will allow the fries to cook thoroughly and to crisp nicely in the oil. After frying we remove the fries and place them back on the drainage rack. We let the excess oil drip off for about 2 minutes them we sprinkle with Jake's Famous Santa Barbara Smoke Rub. At this point we filled a small bowl with Jake's Famous Memphis Barbecue Sauce then we set that next to the fries as a dipping sauce. We love the tanginess of the Memphis Barbecue sauce paired against the Santa Barbara Smoked Rub and the subtle sweetness of the Sweet Potato Fries....Excellent.

Our Memphis BBQ Sauce has received numerous awards for originality and taste.  We recommend that you get your hands and your grill on this BBQ Sauce for baby back ribs by clicking add to Cart.

Here's what people are saying about Jake's Memphis BBQ Sauce for sale:

Phil Marlowe wrote: "Having traveled to Memphis many, many times for business with of course the diversion for BBQ I've had my fair share of Memphis BBQ Sauces, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jake's this is definitely the good! Great flavor, wonderful taste makes this an exceptional sauce. I made Crockpot pulled pork following your recipe and it came out perfect. Thanks Jake for making another fine product. For those on the fence I recommend Jake's Memphis BBQ Sauce...."

Sherman Honline wrote: - "I buy many different types of BBQ Sauces but I must say I like Memphis the best. Jake’s sent me his latest creation and I've got to say, it fantastic. It’s wonderfully rich, and full of flavor with just the right balance of vinegar, molasses, mustard, garlic, onion and more. I use it on pork ribs, chicken and steaks. Great Job Jake."

Are you ready to break from the monotony of bad sauces and try something truly great?

The long and short of this conversation is what kind of steak are you going to cook and how do you want it to turn out. The best steaks are planned especially where the cooking/grilling process is concerned. The best marinating bbq sauces have a decent level of vinegar and mustard to break down muscle fiber. Most chefs and grill masters typically don't marinate steaks in bbq sauce but actually prefer salt and pepper shaken onto the steak about 5 minutes before grilling.

Along with our Jake's Famous Memphis BBQ Sauce we've made some really nice Barbecue Sauces that are excellent on steak. Follow these links to get your favorite Steak Barbecue Sauce:

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Get one or all of these great bbq sauces Today!  Don't hesitate to get ahead of the pack by choosing the right sauce for you.  When it comes to making steak for you and your friends, do you want to experiment or deliver proven results?  Right, you want to deliver proven results.  We've taken all the guesswork, efforts and time loss out of the equation.  Just use our code: 1707200910 now to get an extra 10% OFF at Checkout.

Learn more about Memphis and Memphis Style Barbecue

Are you ready to break from the monotony of bad sauces and try something truly great?

Learn more about Memphis and Memphis Barbecue

Here's a quick way how to make ribs using our Memphis Barbecue Sauce

1. Clean ribs and remove the white membrane from the back of the ribs. Tip: Use a paper towel to grip the edge of the membrane and remove with a slow steady force.
2. Season the ribs generously with the seasoning.
3. Wrap the ribs and let rest in your refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours and not more than 8 hours.
4. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees.
5. Place a layer of foil in the baking pan to catch juices from the meat.
6. Remove the ribs from the wrapping and place on the layer of foil.
7. Add the cup of Orange Juice to the bottom of the pan under the ribs.
8. Seal the ribs in the pan so that the meat will braise in the liquid.
9. Cook in the pan for 2 hours.
10. Collect the liquid from the ribs into a cooking pot.
11. Add the Honey, Memphis Blues BBQ Sauce, and Thyme.
12. Cook on High heat and reduce the liquid to a syrupy consistency.
13. Pour the syrupy sauce over the ribs.
14. At this point you can use your grill or your broiler to create a glaze on the ribs. If using the grill bring it to a medium high heat then place the ribs on the grill for 10 minutes until grill marks show up. If using your broiler turn it to the broiler setting and place the ribs in the pan under the broiler for about 5 minutes. Check to ensure that the sauce does not burn.
15. After your perfect slow cooked ribs have completed cooking let rest for 3 minutes.

16. Serve.

OUR STANDING GUARANTEE: At Jake's Famous we guarantee you an exceptional barbecue experience. We promise to treat you like friends and family and to serve you our products that have been prepared with focus, uncompromising quality and our thorough standards. If you are not completely satisfied, just let us know, and we will honor our guarantee.

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